"Reaching Out In Our Community"
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Our Mission

Our Mission

To further the outreach of local organizations, churches and other group’s volunteerism by making their resources more visible to community service organizations in need of those goods and services.

Our Vision

Fauquier County has many individuals and organizations providing goods and services to those who need them in our community.  We envision the creation of a tool that supports and unites these providers with the organizations that need the services in order to provide for greater communication and efficiency across all member providers.

Our History

In early summer of 2012, a few concerned citizens began to take a closer look at the poor and needy in Warrenton and Fauquier County and the resources available to meet their needs.   Led by Lynn Ward, we began talking to a number of individuals and organizations about their resources, what help they needed, what their constraints were and how others could help.  We “went out on the streets” and learned firsthand of the needs of local homeless people, or handyman projects needed by local organizations such as the Food Bank or for the residents at a subsidized housing project.  We found out what the local women’s shelter needed the most. 

The list of needs is endless, but not impossible. We also talked to many local churches and service organizations about what they were already doing, where they needed support, and how we might help support their work.

What we found out:  there were two overwhelming themes that we heard over and over.  The first was that there are a lot of concerned citizens, church groups and other organizations that recognize the needs in our area and want to help. In fact many of them already have organized teams ready to help or databases of volunteers and what they can do.  The other thing we heard was that there was a great communication and organization need in our community to channel the “providers” to the “needs”.  As such, we began brainstorming a website that would do just that.

It is our passionate hope that the Fauquier County Coalition website will bring together many good hearts for good causes, in an efficient and agile manner.  As John F. Kennedy said, "Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say why not?"